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September 2005 Blog Posts

PASS Session: Future Directions in Data and Language Integration

Of all the presentations that MS submitted for the PASS Conference, this was the one that intrigued me the most. It's on Wednesday at 1:30PM and is being delivered by Alan Griver. The original abstract was fairly vague. Lots of references to data manipulation on the client side but no real hint as to what it would actually cover. After the PDC it became clear that this was a presentation on LINQ. Once the information was public Alan updated his abstract and the whole thing makes more sense. I'm really looking forward to this...

posted @ Tuesday, September 27, 2005 10:44 PM | Feedback (1) | Filed Under [ Events SQL Server Stuff PASS ]

PASS Board of Directors Elections 2005

PASS sent out an email tonight with the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors so it's official.  I'm running for the Board of Directors for PASS.  There are six people running for three slots and it's a great group of candidates.  No matter what the results PASS will be in great shape.  I certainly would like to ask for your consideration when you cast your ballot.  I've been a PASS volunteer for a couple of years and think I'd do a great job.  (I've written a little longer bio that they'll hopefully get posted soon.)  They are using...

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Free Seminar: SQL Server 2005: Built for the Enterprise

The folks that brought you the SQL Server Roadshow have a free seminar for SQL Serve 2005.  It focuses on the DBA side and looks pretty interesting.  Their marketing pitch reads: In this free, half-day event you’ll learn how the top new features of SQL Server 2005 will help you create and manage large-scale, mission-critical, enterprise database applications -- making your job easier. Find out how to leverage SQL Server 2005’s new capabilities to best support your business initiatives. Register now and you will: Discover what enhancements and improvements have been made to relational engine and business intelligence platforms in Microsoft...

posted @ Tuesday, September 20, 2005 12:31 PM | Feedback (2) | Filed Under [ Events ]

Integrating .NET and SQL (LINQ)

From the Visual Studio Data Team blog ... At the PDC Microsoft announced LINQ (Language Independant Query) Framework.  This gives you the ability to use a SQL-like language on your collections (anything IEnumerable).  The example from the blog is: Dim SmallCountries = Select Country _From Country In Countries _Where Country.Population < 1000000 This is certainly an interesting option for collections.  This will make it much easier to cache data on the client side and use it in a flexible manner.  I've been hearing for years that we're just about to see the end of relational databases and OO databases are...

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