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September 2007 Blog Posts

Code To Live

The Code To Live video starts with an All-Girl AC/DC cover band.  I'm not really sure what else you need to know. Steve Loethen is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft here in Kansas City (or some such related job -- I never really remember what he does).  We used to work together at this odd little company years ago.  I'm certain he would be voted the Microsoft employee most likely to be mistaken for a biker.  He and his co-host travel the country talking to developers.  With a Harley.  Dressed like bikers.  I'm not sure who cast Steve in that...

posted @ Thursday, September 27, 2007 12:04 AM | Feedback (1) | Filed Under [ Events Software Development ]

Read90Trace coming soon!

Bob Ward announced in his PASS pre-conference session that Microsoft will be releasing a SQL Server 2005 version of Read80Trace in roughly 30 days.  It's currently going through a security review.  They're planning to call it ReadTrace instead of Read90Trace though.  I don't know what this will do to my plans for more work on ClearTrace.  I'll have to wait and see exactly what they release.

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Crossing a Threshold

If you're reading this post on the actual Weblogs homepage you'll notice that the count of posts now says 1,000.  I'm happy to say that 90% of those posts have come from other people.  Three weeks from now is the four year anniversary of starting these blogs.  My goal in starting this group blog was to give smart people a place to say interesting things.  We certainly have smart people and they do say interesting things. So a great big thanks to Mark, Mladen, Jeff, Tara, Brett, David, Damian, Chris, Davide, Travis, Derrick, Rob, Randy, Jon,...

posted @ Wednesday, September 05, 2007 12:49 PM | Feedback (2) | Filed Under [ Site Related ]

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