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February 2008 Blog Posts

SQL Server 2008 Launch Event

I attended the SQL Server 2008 launch in Los Angeles for PASS.  It was VERY nice to leave sub-freezing Kansas and arrive in warm, sunny Los Angeles.  My pictures of the keynote didn't turn out all that well unfortunately.  The ones I took before it started turned out the best.  I also ran into Janette from Idera.  Idera and Quest were the only two SQL Server tools vendors that I saw there.  The keynote presentation was projected onto some type of clear screen.  You could see the presentation and see through it. It gave it...

posted @ Friday, February 29, 2008 7:32 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Events PASS ]

Are you attending the SQL Server 2008 Launch in LA?

I'll be in Los Angeles for the launch this week.  I'll be the PASS representative at the Heroes Community Booth in the Microsoft Pavilion.  When you enter the Microsoft Pavilion we'll be all the way back in the left corner.  Come by and say Hi if you get a chance.  I arrive Tuesday night and leave Thursday morning.  Is anyone else reading going to be there?

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