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SQL Server Links - 19 January 2010

The Bit Bucket (Greg Low): IDisposable : Stored Procedures - Time for a real contract? []

Interesting case of watching log file growth during a perf test []

Improvement in minimizing lockhash key collisions in SQL Server 2008R2 and its impact on concurrency []

Microsoft and Intel Push One Million iSCSI IOPS []

The Truth About Hyper-V Memory Overcommit []

A Few Useful Queries for SQL Server 2008 Integrated Full Text Search (iFTS) []

SYS2 DMVs on CodePlex []

Intel Nehalem-EX and Database Performance []

Iron and Cloud [] - Interesting editorial about SQLAzure

PASS Processes and Results posted []

Free eBook on SQL Server Maintenance Plans Now Available []

SQL Server Waits and Queues []

How to increase SQL Database Full Backup speed using compression and Solid State Disks [] - Great post on backup performance.

10 Hot Scalability Links for January 13, 2010 []

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