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March 2010 Blog Posts

ClearTrace Supports Statement Level Events

One of the requests I get on a regular basis is to capture the performance of statement level events.  The latest beta has this feature available.  If you’re interested in this I’d like to get some feedback. I handle the SP:StmtCompleted and the SQL:StmtCompleted events.  These report CPU, reads, writes and duration. I’m not in any way saying it’s a good idea to trace these events.  Use with caution as this can make your traces much larger. If there are statement level events in the trace file they will be...

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Making Money from your SQL Server Blog

My SQL Server blog reading list is around one hundred blogs.  Many people are writing great content and generating lots of page views.  I see some of them running Google AdSense and trying to make a little money off their traffic.  If you want to earn some some extra money from what you’ve written there are a couple of options.  And one new option that I’m announcing here. Background Internet advertising is sold based on a few different pricing schemes.  Flat Fee.  You offer either all your impressions (page views) or some percentage...

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