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July 2011 Blog Posts

PASS Updates–July 2011

There are a two big items in flight that I want to discuss. Elections We recently published the ERC recommendations and new election procedures.  Unfortunately getting from the recommendations to the new plan took longer than I’d hoped.  And it was mostly me doing the taking longer part.  Plus calling what I wrote “procedures” is really a stretch. It’s really more like a rough description of what the procedures should be.  Add that to the fact that the Summit is nearly a month earlier this year and we have a scheduling problem.  We can try to rush and...

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TraceTune display Duration in milliseconds. Finally.

SQL Server 2008 started reporting the statement duration in microseconds in scripted traces.  That’s one millionth of a second.  Previously they were reported in milliseconds.  Profiler automatically corrects for this and always displays in milliseconds regardless of the version of SQL Server that generated the trace.  However SMO reported them in milliseconds or microseconds depending on what version of SQL Server generated the trace.  Worse, SMO has no way to tell you what version of SQL Server generated a trace.  Or what unit of measure was used to return the value. That left me reading traces with no way...

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