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C# and .NET programming tips and tricks
Formatting strings

I just completed teaching a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services class in Charlotte, North Carolina - a wonderful and beautiful place to visit! In a couple of the demonstrations, we used some predefined formatting strings to customize the way a user can see a value in a report. For example, we used C0 to display a currency value with no numbers to the right of a decimal point. One question that almost always comes up during the class is: where can I find a list of those predefined formatting strings? Microsoft has them on the MSDN Library site, but the...

posted @ Wednesday, March 12, 2008 5:46 PM | Feedback (4) | Filed Under [ C# Other Technologies SQL Server ]

Copying and pasting rectangular blocks of code in Visual Studio and Management Studio

One of the things I really like about teaching technical classes is getting to know and talk with students, learning of the challenges they face and how they've addressed them. Frequently, I can learn from their experiences, too. So, it works out well for both student and instructor. In a custom Visual Studio/SQL Server class last week, I made a passing comment about Visual Studio being a very good text editor, but that it lacked one feature that I really like in other editors - block copy and paste. I lamented that the Visual Studio editor doesn't allow you to select a rectangular...

posted @ Tuesday, November 06, 2007 7:45 AM | Feedback (17) | Filed Under [ C# T-SQL Other Technologies SQL Server ]

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