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Largest SQL Server Databases

Microsoft recently released a list of the largest SQL Server databases in production.  Topping the list is a 5 TB monster from Verizon Communications.  Actually Verizon appears 6 times on the top 24.  It seems they've made a pretty big commitment to SQL Server.  It scales down pretty quickly from the top though.  #24 on the list is “only” 512GB.  I guess if I want to win this award I'll have to get more data or drastically reduce my storage efficiency.  Hello images in the database!

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# re: Largest SQL Server Databases

Cool! I forwarded the link to a few disbelievers. :-)
12/2/2003 5:33 PM | Tara

# re: Largest SQL Server Databases

How about Land Registy on DB2 topping out at ~18TB !!

What is SQLTeam DB Size Graz?
12/2/2003 6:08 PM | Jay

# re: Largest SQL Server Databases

Hmmm. The SQLTeam database is about 131MB. Let's see I'd need to get to 513GB to replace #24 on the list. Each reply in the forum averages 828 bytes ... so ... only 665 million forum replys to go until I'm in the top 24! Woo hoo!
12/2/2003 8:04 PM | graz

# re: Largest SQL Server Databases

Images in the database - NEVER!!!!

I should go for hi-res movies instead :o)
12/10/2003 5:57 AM | macka

# re: Largest SQL Server Databases

666 million posts, i'm sure you can create a tsql script for that one!

12/16/2003 11:19 PM | Salman

# re: Largest SQL Server Databases

SQL team DB is only 131MB - lift your game!!
3/19/2004 3:37 AM | Macca

# re: Largest SQL Server Databases

I wonder how these biggest databases are architectured ? I mean, what would be the sizing of the filegroups, how would indexes, log files be seperated on what kind of san LUN's ? .

We are almost approaching a Terabyte of data for our DSS environment and we pretty much would need to think on the above terms.

All insights will be greatly appreciated.

6/8/2005 12:24 PM | moragh
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