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April 2004 Blog Posts

Automatically Processing SQL Server Trace Files

Lately I've been working on a small utility to process SQL Server trace files.  If you use scripted traces to generate trace files there's no automated way to get these into a SQL Server table.  I wrote a little .NET utility to do it for me that I'm calling ClearTrace.  You can download it here.  Currently it's a command line utility and VERY beta.  In the future I plan to rewrite it as a service and add better error checking.  ClearTrace should run on an admin workstation and not on the server.  It watches trace files based on a filter...

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Musing from the MVP Summit

The MVP Summit has been pretty interesting so far.  Much of what has been covered is under NDA and I'm not going to be the first to break it.  But I can tell you about the Summit itself.  Microsoft has 1,300 MVP's staying in downtown Seattle.  (And MANY of the MVP's look just like uber-geeks -- very easy to pick out in a crowd.)  There are about 75 SQL Server MVP's present out of roughly 100 total.  I've enjoyed attaching names to the faces from the newsgroups and various forums. The first day we spent on campus.  The SQL Server team...

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It's not often I post rants.  I don't like to read them.  But DELL just chapped my hide!  I get to the MVP Summit in Seattle to find that my ethernet port won't connect to the hotel.  No link light.  Nigel Rivett is kind enough to try his laptop in my room and it worked fine.  I haven't installed anything new on my laptop.  It worked fine the morning I left.  After all the diagnostics failed to turn up anything Dell's first solution was to do a rollback.  Amazingly enough that didn't fix it. There next suggestion was to scrub the...

posted @ Tuesday, April 06, 2004 9:16 PM | Feedback (6) | Filed Under [ Miscellaneous ]

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