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It's not often I post rants.  I don't like to read them.  But DELL just chapped my hide!  I get to the MVP Summit in Seattle to find that my ethernet port won't connect to the hotel.  No link light.  Nigel Rivett is kind enough to try his laptop in my room and it worked fine.  I haven't installed anything new on my laptop.  It worked fine the morning I left.  After all the diagnostics failed to turn up anything Dell's first solution was to do a rollback.  Amazingly enough that didn't fix it.

There next suggestion was to scrub the machine back to nothing and reinstall the operating system.  Oh and they said they don't support two partitions on a machine.  If ... after I'd deleted all my data and configurations ... there was still a problem ... then ... it may (MAY!) be a hardware problem.  Come on!  I've got two operating systems on this computer -- both of them production builds -- and neither of them can see the network card.  And they both stopped being able to see it at the exact same time.  It's not software.  Fix my damn machine.  Guess I'll have to try an IBM next time.  Fortunately I was able to buy a cheap USB network card just down the street.

Maybe Dell should setup a separate division for people that have a clue about computers.  I'd certainly pay a little extra to have someone believe me when I say that I already rebooted.  And you're from Dell and you read this I'll be happy to take this post down if you fix my computer  :)  I can easily be bought.

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# Dell Customer Service

4/6/2004 10:26 PM | The Antlog

# re: A DELL Rant

Is EMC a division of Dell?
4/6/2004 9:30 PM | Derrick Leggett

# re: A DELL Rant

I have my own Horror story about Dell.

My sister in law purchased a new dell laptop with all the bells and whistles last November and it was delivered fed x.

When it arrived the screen would black out after boot was complete. It would keep the screen up if you did not load the video drivers on boot.

I got the most current drivers for the card they said was in the laptop off the web and installed them, the screen still blacked out. OK they put the wrong video card in or its defective.

After 4 hours of going through Dells tech support (1/2 of them spoke such poor English as to be almost gibberish) I lost my temper and started yelling and threatening them and finally hung up, an hour later a Dell manager called me back.

He wanted to send me the new card and have me install it.
I asked if me breaking the seal would void the warrantee.
He told me yes it would. ( what a jerk )
The laptop had to be returned to be repaired. It took 11 weeks for her to get it back.

I purchase on average 20 computers a year not one of them will ever be a Dell.

4/8/2004 7:14 AM | JimL

# re: A DELL Rant


I had a similar problem show up on my DELL - for no aparent reason - right here on my office link. One day, it just started streaming chatter to my cable modem.

I got no support from Dell that helped, but after some Googleing, I found similar reports (from other vendors, and one from Dell surprisingly) that a network card driver update would fix the problem.

I found the driver on Dell's site, and bingo. Problem solved.

4/13/2004 9:21 AM | SamC

# re: A DELL Rant

I believe, but I'm not sure, if you get Dell certified, it gives you access to gold level techs directly (without any escalation).
4/17/2004 12:06 AM | Brian Desmond

# re: A DELL Rant

That is we get when we keep buying our stuff from China. I'd rather spend a little bit more if the sellers get their stuff from Japan, UK, Germany, USA. Quality!!!!!!
9/28/2004 5:29 PM | Ted Nguyen
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