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Stupid Spammers

And in this case it's stupid in terms of not smart instead of people I don't like. Although I still don't like them. Adding the CAPTCHA test to the comment page has greatly reduced the amount of spam the blogs receive. Now these morons are filling out the other form on my blog and posting spam that way. Unfortunately that's my "Contact Me" page. So instead of posting comment spam they're sending me an email. Morons.

Print | posted on Saturday, November 19, 2005 9:59 AM | Filed Under [ Site Related ]



# re: Stupid Spammers

Check out ReverseDOS. I've removed CAPTCHA from my site and comment/trackback/referral spam has all but disappeared! It's an incredible solution and easy to add onto any site! My implementation & $.02:
11/19/2005 11:36 AM | AC [MVP MCMS]
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