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Read90Trace ... sort of

Read80Trace generates an XML file as its result and a series of HTML files that can be used to view the XML file.  I've updated ClearTrace so it can produce a nearly identical XML file for SQL Server 2005 traces. 

  • It only generates the batch duration, batch CPU, batch reads and batch writes sections.  I don't know if other people use other sections but those are the only ones I use.
  • It doesn't include the related HTML files.  You'll need to pull those from the Read80Trace download.  My advice is to run Read80Trace once to generate the files.  Then you can run ClearTrace and send the output to the directory where those files are stored.
  • There's still very limited error handling.
  • It only imports into the table layout included in the zip file.  This layout hasn't changed since the last release.
  • It allows a wildcard for the file name to import multiple trace files.  It imports those files in the order they were last written.

Download the latest vesion.

UPDATE: Since posting this I've added a GUI to query the results.  It's much easier to use than this method.

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# ClearTrace(SQL Server 2005向け Read80Trace のサブセット)

ClearTrace(SQL Server 2005?? Read80Trace ??????)
3/7/2006 9:06 AM | 米田 Blog ( SQL Server MEMO )

# re: Read90Trace ... sort of

Hi Bill,
Very kind of you to provide this utility! Exactly what I was looking for....
... except that I'm getting an exception from excessive line length
( 8229, exceeding SqlServer 2000's 8094 byte limit)

... is there anything I can do about that?

(Yes, perhaps the excessive length of the SQL syntax in my project is part of the performance problem I'm trying to analyse... but I'm stuck with that)
4/3/2006 4:37 AM | Alistair

# re: Read90Trace ... sort of


I was trying to install ClearTrace tool and ran into the following error:
"Application requires that assembly Microsoft.sqlserver.connectioninfo version be installed in GAC first."

Was wondering if I could get some help with this..

3/2/2007 5:31 PM | Sameer Gujar

# re: Read90Trace ... sort of

I'm having the same problem above for SQL 2000:

"unable to install or run the application. the application requires that assembly microsoft.sqplserver.connectioninfo version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) first"

I hope you can help me out with this
3/16/2007 2:26 AM | Haytham
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