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June 2007 Blog Posts

Downloadable Executable for ClearTrace

I'm finally doing a little work on ClearTrace.  The only visible result of this so far is that you can download a ZIP file of the executable instead of using the ClickOnce.  This should make it easier for non-Internet Explorer users.  It also means you can test out the application without actually installing it.

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RAID 10 vs. RAID 5 Performance

One of my clients is in the process of standardizing all their servers on RAID 10.  We discovered one of their smaller servers had been delivered with RAID 5 already configured.  I took the opportunity to run some tests on the drives prior to reconfiguring them into RAID 10.  My tests weren't very scientific.  I just used SQLIO.EXE to generate random 8KB reads and writes.     Reads were just a little bit better but writes were almost twice as fast.  This makes sense as the array isn't spending time computing the parity information.  Some notes on my setup:...

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Speaking in St. Louis on June 12th

I'll be speaking to the St. Louis SQL Server Users Group on the afternoon of June 12th at the Microsoft offices from 1PM until 4PM.  I'll be doing two presentations back to back.  The first is What I Wish Developers Knew about SQL Server.  The second is Understanding the Procedure Cache: Writing Efficient Reusable Queries.  The two presentations flow very well together.  The second really builds on the concepts introduced in the first.  The event was organized by Kathi Kellenberger through the PASS Star Program.  Thanks Kathi!

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LINQ Article on MSDN

MSDN has one of the better articles I've read on LINQ: The Evolution Of LINQ And Its Impact On The Design Of C#.  It really helped to see the design history to understand why things are the way they are.  Very good article.

posted @ Tuesday, June 05, 2007 5:45 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Software Development ]

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