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February 2010 Blog Posts

Lessons from a SAN Failure

At 1:10AM Sunday morning the main SAN at one of my clients suffered a “partial” failure.  Partial means that the SAN was still online and functioning but the LUNs attached to our two main SQL Servers “failed”.  Failed means that SQL Server wouldn’t start and the MDF and LDF files mostly showed a zero file size.  But they were online and responding and most other LUNs were available.  I’m not sure how SANs know to fail at 1AM on a Saturday night but they seem to.  From a personal standpoint this worked out poorly: I was out with...

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SQL Server Blogs I Read

Peter Larsson recently scrubbed his laptop but didn’t bring over his favorites and made a plea for interesting SQL Server related blogs.  My reading list of SQL Server blogs and sites is up to 83 sites in Google Reader and I thought I’d share my list in hopes of finding more.  Here’s the link to the OMPL file that you can import into a feed reader: SQL Server Blogs OPML file. Below is the complete list of SQL Server blogs I read regularly.  If you’re writing about SQL Server and not on that list please use the contact me...

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