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October 2010 Blog Posts

Will you share your SQL Server configuration?

I regularly visit client sites and review their SQL Server configurations.  I come across all kinds of strange settings.  I’ve been thinking about a way to aggregate people’s configurations and see what’s common and what’s unique.  I used to do that with polls on  I think we can find out more interesting things if we look at combinations of settings in relation to size and volume. I’ve been working on an application for another project that is similar.  It will be fairly easy to use that code for this.  I can have something up and running in a...

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PASS Budget Posted

If you’re a member of PASS you can view our FY2011 budget at  Our detailed budget is 29 pages long and provides an incredibly detailed snapshot of where our money comes from and how we spend it.  I’ve also written a summary highlighting some of the changes from last year.  If you have any questions about the budget you can ask them here or on the PASS site.

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