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November 2010 Blog Posts

Help make the next Summit even better

After the Summit we send out a survey to capture feedback.  We ask a consistent set of questions so we get good year over year results.  I’ve watched blog posts and email threads with ideas for a better Summit.  I got to sit with Denny and crew again on Saturday night and talk about what worked and what didn’t.  We’d like to capture those ideas in a way that you can vote on what’s important to you.  Please take a second and visit  You can make suggestions, vote on the ideas already posted and add your own...

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Visiting China

This summer I had the chance to visit China.  My brother and his wife are living in China and teaching English.  I spent a little over two weeks in Shanghai, Suzhou and Yancheng.  During that time I wrote some detailed updates for family and a few close friends on the impressions of a good Midwestern kid visiting the Middle Kingdom. I dumped them all into one document, did a little editing and now they’re posted.  You can download it here.  Below you can see my futile attempts to eat using chopsticks and me posing as a tourist on...

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Join me to register for the Summit

This year the Summit registration opens at 6PM on Sunday at the Seattle convention center.  Last year we had a dozen people hanging out, watching the twitter feed on the big monitor and catching up.  All we really needed was a bar and we’d have our own little party going. So this year I’m adding a bar.  I’ve arranged for a cash bar and some stand up tables.  I’m buying the first round for the first 40 or so people that come by.  Come by, register and say Hi.  I’d especially like to encourage first-time attendees to stop by. ...

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