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August 2016 Blog Posts

IsItSql Shows Databases

You can download the latest build of Is It SQL from my consulting site.  You can now view the databases on a server.  And you can click on a column header to sort that column. And no, my fantasy baseball team in 2015 didn’t do very well.  Unfortunately this year is much the same.    Here are a few other improvements: The Active Task page for a server no longer displays tasks waiting on BROKER_RECEIVE_WAITFOR. The menu bar stays on top when scrolling down.  And I’m really surprised how...

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This release includes a few minor bug fixes and smaller enhancements.  Thanks to everyone that tried it out and reported back.  At the bottom of the README.html I include my email address if you’d like to provide feedback.  I’d love to hear what you like or what needs work. One of my goals for this application was to know if a server was unreachable or it returned an error running any of the polling queries.  These servers show up in red in the list on the main page.  They are also displayed at the top of every page in...

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Is It SQL?

I’ve been working on a simple monitoring tool for SQL Server over the last few months.  I often find myself asking “What just happened?” and “Was it SQL Server?”.  I wanted a small utility I could leave running at clients that would answer that question.  It needed to be simple enough that a non-SQL Server person could look at it and get an idea if there was an issue with SQL Server.  But also sophisticated enough that it would point me in the right direction.   It will capture the following information for each server every minute:...

posted @ Tuesday, August 02, 2016 8:22 AM | Feedback (7) | Filed Under [ SQL Server Stuff Utilities ]

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