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Bonnie And Charly And Frances And Ivan And ?

Bonnie and Clyde would have been better.  Who thinks these names up anyway.

Sooooooo...I pack the family in the car and drive to Floridaze...I'm there 4 days and bang!  Bonnie comes chugging up the West Coast...

Category 1, No problem, no rain, nothing...runs into the panhandle

Now here come Chuck.  Same thing.  Chuckie boy stalls however, hangs out, goes to a category 4, makes a right turn....a right turn...never seen that happen before...and cuts straight across the state...

Now we're on the east coast...ok...it'll die down by the time it gets here...sure did..to a cat 2...damn 95 mph winds...the most amazing thing I ever saw...midnight...no electricity...wind sounds like a frieght train,,,

tried to walk out to the street....nope...time to go back and shake up another rita

Not only a Hurricane, but it spawned all of these little micro burst tornadoes...the trees that didn't get knocked down by their roots, where snapped in half.

Most amazing weather I ever saw.  Where it made landfall on Captiva Island...it split the Island in half.  There is a new 300 yeard wide “canal” going from the ocean side of the island straigth through to the florida coast side.

When it got to the East Coast, the eye ran right over top of us...I think it went straight through the Ponce Inlet between Daytona and New Smyrna Beach.

Orlando is still with out Electicity last I heard.

Well the kids will have something to write about when school starts.

“What I did on my Summer vacation”

Anyway, back to the mundane of NJ, where the only Natural Disasters are the ones we elect to public office.

Jim puts a new meaning into the term public orifice.

Only in Jersey...you can't make this stuff up.


EDIT:  9/2/2004

Can you believe this...there have been 5 major hurricanes in 3 weeks.  Now Central Florida looks like it's going to get nailed again.  This time from the East.  Already a category 4...which means winds over 130.  I saw 95 mph.  I can't imagine 130.


EDIT: 9/10/2004: It's like watching a figthter being pummeled...when their unconcious....and they still want to have a football game on saturday...morons...hope the stadium is empty....





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Thanks Mark

8/27/2004 1:21 PM | Brett
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