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How can I automate the copying of a table?

As much as I try to disuade people from building processes that might come back to haunt them later, this one always seems to come up.  So I gave in, I figure it might be useful from an admin perspective at some point, so here it is. Use it at you're own risk, and don't go swimming at least 1 hour after use. CREATE PROC usp_CopyTable   @TABLE_CATALOG  sysname , @TABLE_SCHEMA   sysname , @TABLE_NAME     sysname , @TMP_TABLE_NAME sysname OUTAS  SET NOCOUNT ON  BEGIN DECLARE @sql varchar(8000), @GetDate varchar(25) IF EXISTS (SELECT *        FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.Tables      WHERE TABLE_CATALOG = @TABLE_CATALOG        AND TABLE_SCHEMA  = @TABLE_SCHEMA        AND TABLE_NAME    = @TABLE_NAME)   BEGIN  SET...

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Setting Matters Straight

Wow did I hit a nerve?  In Fair or Fowl I asked what people thought of someone who republishes an article, acts like they made the world a better place with their so called advice, even though a team of people took the time and energy to explain a proper methodology, which was only parroted by said poster.  Who BTW did not even have the courtesy to contribute to that thread. I guess I made headlines with his response in his article Setting Matters Straight.  Well, I guess we can all play.  So let's go ahead, and truly set matters straight. EDIT: 9/30/2004PM ...

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