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Notification of the creation to the West Orange Ridership Community

Mr. Mayor,

The riders of the Midtown Direct Shuttle Bus Service would like you to know how much we appreciate the effort you have put in to provide us with this great service. I've grown up in West Orange all my life and am now raising my family here as well. West Orange offers a great many of services, and they are all handled well and professionally. It's been awhile now, but it became apparent, that while the shuttle service is supplied by the town, the same level of quality we are used to from our township employees was just not there. Things have become increasingly poorer as time went on, to the point of a nonexistence service.

We are concerned about the safety of the vehicles, reliability of the service, and the retention of quality drivers. We would also like some method where by the ridership can be informed of what is happening with the service.

We are now forming a ridership community, and will be drafting for you a letter outlining our concerns. You mentioned to one of our other riders this past Monday, that all seemed well with the service because you were not made aware of any problems. Unfortunately, most of all the riders calls to the Hotline have been ignored, and the riders had given up calling. We also have doubts that any of the calls have been logged. To be fair, I did receive a call back today from Mildred, but she mentioned that there was nothing she could do about it.

I must say that last week and this last Monday when there was no service at all was the low point of the service. While actually having the shuttles show up is important, there are many other areas that we would like to be addressed. For example safety. It would be my guess that there is not one bus in the fleet (save the new St. Cloud shuttle) that could pass inspection.

We will look to you for guidance in how to resolve these matters, and hope to restore this service to high level of service that we are accustomed too as with all the other towns services

The link attached here is for the ridership community to log their complaints so that we can track all of the issues.


I will also be providing you a list of the members of the ridership community. Once we have given everyone on all the routes the opportunity to join and collect all of the issues, we will forward you that list.

Thanks you for your time

Brett Kaiser

6 Undercliff Terrace

(973) 736-2791 (Eve)

(973) 802-2816 (Bus)

West Orange Ridership Community

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