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Correction to Incident Date and Time

Captain Feula,

You know, it actually helps when you actually read emails more clearly.

To correct my statement. I misread about the date of the incident. The date of the incident was November 9, 2005 at

6:48 a.m., or roughly 3 weeks ago. The August date I mentioned was your thoroughness in checking back to August.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to Paul for pointing that out.

One other item that the ridership community would like to know is, what are the Police departments suggestions for handling these situations? Some of the Riders are out there alone on the route, and any comments on how to secure their safety would be most appreciated.

Again, sorry for the confusion

Brett Kaiser

West Orange Ridership Community

(973) 802-2816 (Bus)

(973) 736-2791 (Eve)

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