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Fax to the Mayor regarding degraded Shuttle Service

                                                                                                Thursday, January 05, 2006


Mr. Mayor and Mr. Lepore,


Things have gotten very bad again with the Shuttle Service.  The Ridership feels like it is being ignored.  We have taken many steps over several months to let you know of our plight.  I understand the frustrations you must be having in managing the Occupational Center, but if it means have a Township employee on sight to oversee operations until something can be resolved then it must be done.  Something must be done.


I have been told that emails are not being read that I send, nor is the weblog I established being used as a place to find out the status of the shuttle.  The township is obviously not getting too many updates from the occupational center.


Here is the site of every service disruption/ problem the Ridership has been having.




Or if you Google: “West Orange Ridership Community” it is now the first hit on the list.


In the past we have asked for your guidance on how best to resolve these matters and have had offers of future meeting, but no concrete advice on how to overcome these problems.


This is not like installing speed bumps in St.Cloud.  This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.


Thank you for your time


Brett Kaiser

West Orange Ridership Community

(973) 802-2816 (Bus)

(973) 736-2791 (Eve)



 This Fax was prompted by Peggy's Letter Below


Brett, I'm going to try to post this on the blog (I'm still having no luck

with that, maybe it's because I'm on a Macintosh), but I wanted to let you

know that the #2 Jitney has not made its morning runs for two days in a row

now. Apparently the driver told one of our riders that the vehicle has been

having door problems, and he had to have it repaired yesterday, but somehow

it made the evening runs from S. Orange station. This morning it did not

show up again, and about eight or 10 people walked down Walker Road to South

Valley and waited for the jitney that stops there. The driver on that route

refused to even open the door at first, because she already had people

standing in the aisles and didn't think it was safe to operate with so many

more people on board. One rider blew a total fit in front of the jitney, and

as several of us began the hike to South Orange, the driver finally did open

the doors and let about four people on. The rest of us walked, and we were

all late for work this morning, as well as tired, overheated and angry.

This is not acceptable. We need to have a back-up system so that if a jitney

isn't going to come, we either have an alternative that will pick us up or

some kind of early notification that we have to find our own way to the

station. The hot line this morning was still talking about the problems on

the evening of Jan. 3, and said nothing about what's been happening with

Route #2 this week.








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