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Oracle articles retaining to tidbits that are oozing from my Brain because it's been awhile, and I decided to put them here then trying to remeber them, so they will be very BASIC indeed.
bcp out for Oracle

As of Oracle 8i (which I believe is no longer supported) there was no utility to unload data.  I guess Oracle felt that once the got the data, there was no reason to relinquesh it.  In any case, for myself, and my rusty Oracle, here a sample of code on how to code in PLSQL as well as how to perform an extract.  I know it'll be hard from a sql server perspective, but this actually flies. -- @Q:\Packages\Ben_Extract_Package.pkg; -- EXEC Ben_Extract_Package.Ex_ENR_PARTIC_sp; -- EXEC Ben_Extract_Package.Ex_ENR_PARTIC_PLAN_sp; -- EXEC Ben_Extract_Package.Ex_ENR_PARTIC_DPND_sp; -- EXEC Ben_Extract_Package.Ex_ENR_DPND_BENEF_sp; -- *********************************************************************** -- *         Prudential Benefits Annual Enrollment System                * -- *          * -- * Description: Extract Feed...

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HUH?  VARCHAR2? You gotta love Oracle...ANSI be damned.  Well I never specifically knew why we needed to used varchar2 during the last several projects we were on.  Mostly because I was told to...don't think the person who directed the effort really knew either. CHAR is simple, it retains any data you put in there AND space pads the values.  A pain for comparisons later on. VARCHAR is not supported and is reserved for future use  VARCHAR2's definition is a little more complicated since it's different between version (Hey, eve M$ tries to backward compatible) Brian Peasland at http://searchoracle.techtarget.com puts it best Quote: Actually, Oracle Corp. has changed the...

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