October 2003 Blog Posts

Web Services and Yukon

Randy Holloway has some great notes from the PDC on Web Services in Yukon. Looks very interesting

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Managed code in Yukon

Steve Maine gives us a look at what managed code looks like in Yukon.

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ASP.NET Database Cache Invalidation

Rob Howard talks about the new database cache features in ASP.NET 2.0. Currently one of the downsides of caching data is that your cache doesn't know if the data has changed. So you might end up with a ten minute latency to getÂfresh data updates appearing on a web site. The new version of ASP.NET is more data aware : <%@ outputcache duration="3600" varybyparam="none" sqldependency="MyDatabase:Authors" %> From the looks of this your ASP.NET application would need SELECT access on the table, which may not be ideal. In the past I have seen some cool workarounds for this though, one used...

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SQL Server Tips at Microsoft.com

This is possibly old news, but I just noticed some SQL Server administration and development Tips and Tricks at the Microsoft SQL Server site. Worth checking out.

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PDC Fasion tips

Good advice. Anyone interested in web service's but couldn't make it to PDC, Benjamin is doing some good coverage. I know that Developers aren't renowned for dress sense, but I've seen an alarming number of developers today wearing socks and sandals.  Now there's just no need for this kind of tragic fashion sense.  Just say no. [benjaminm's blog]

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Hi Scoble!

Hey, looks like Robert Scoble just noticed us.

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Clustering on a budget

To help out in this thread I dug out a couple of URLs for good clustering resources on Microsoft's site. Looking though my home Wiki for the links got me thinking about a clustering job I did early this year which was pretty scary job and nerve-wracking. The gig was for a reasonably high traffic web site. They had load balanced web and Java app servers and wanted to give the database some redundancy. The problem was, one of the servers intended for the cluster was the current database server. The meant that instead of building up and testing a cluster...

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Run CLR code inside a stored procedure!

When Yukon comes we can all do this (for better or for worse). Until then, here is an extended stored proc that acts as a CLR bridge. Get it at http://www.turtlenecksoftware.com/default.aspx?section=0

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Software Fashions

An interesting article about fads in software development. Rob will appreciate this : XML is best at representing data in a clean and open fashion. Anything more is stretching the point, like sticking a saddle on a pig and calling it a micro-horse. Inevitably, books then start to appear that rationalize the industry's madness, such as Micro-Horse Revealed, Micro-Horse Developer's Guide, or Teach Your Micro-Horse to Sing in 21 Days!

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Best of the forums

I hope everyone is enjoying the SQLTeam blogs so far. Graz, Rob and I have been talking about this idea for a little while, well.. we knew we wanted to do something, but weren't totally sure of the format. One of the things I wanted to do was to have a way to highlight some of the really cool solutions that get posted every day in our forums. Because of the nature of forum software, once a question is answered it slowly drops down the list until they aren't visible any more. So I wanted a way to bring out...

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Specifying SQL Server port numbers in .NET

An interesting post from Chris Stewart about using a non-standard port for SQL Server and using .NET to talk to it. .NET requires that you specify the port number with a comma, not the usual (and standard) colon.

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Version Controlled SQL Tools

Sean Price asks in my comments about the existance of SQL development tools that integrate with source control tools. He also points out that you can use Visual Studio, I really don't like that way Visual Studio implements this as you still aren't getting a script generated for the objects you have developed. The best candidate I found a while back was Rapid SQL from Embarcadero. It generated scripts for all your procs, and checked them into VSS. Then when you did work, you worked inside the script and it deployed the code. It was all pretty seamless. It's not cheap...

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Quote of the day

from Eric Sink of SourceGear At this point, Ximian has completed 90% of the work necessary to make the Vault command-line client work on Linux and its ilk. Now we at SourceGear need to do the remaining 90%.

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