MSN Messenger runs on SQL Server Backend

Just saw this over on Robert Scoble's blog. MSN Messenger is now running on a SQL Server backend. That's way cool. If that isn't a good advertisement for SQL Server's scalability I don't know what is. Update : Not / Now....whatever :)  

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SQL Injection used to create trigger

Jon Galloway blogs about a website hack. A clever use of SQL Injection that will really make the site owners look bad. 

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Google service once again ruined by bloggers

<Tongue location="cheek"> Google has come under fire over the past year for allowing it's prized search results to become "polluted" by weblogs and webloggers. The latest venture by the search giant, a "social networking" site named Orkut looks like suffering the same fate. "The site started nicely, we had a great natural progression but we have become overrun by bloggers who can't keep secrets" said an Orkut insider who declined to be named. "Someone invited a character named Scoble or something and it's all gone to hell in a handbasket" he says. </Tongue>

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New MVP and RD announcements

It's the time of year that Microsoft start announcing the new MVPs. The big news around here is that Graz is finally an MVP. Graz started and built SQLTeam back in 2000 and the site and forums have helped out thousands of SQL Server developers since then, as well as becoming a second home for a bunch of us. The other bit of news I just heard is that a friend of mine, Benjamin Mitchell has been named a Regional Director in the U.K. Benjamin and I worked together at a company during the dying days of the dotcom era in...

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Monumentally Stupid things you can do to hang an ASP.NET application 101

Steps to reproduce Link in and call a .DLL from an ASP.NET application. Not notice the debug code (* See appendix a) you left in there 2 weeks ago while you were experimenting with something. Recompile and run Wonder why your webserver has stopped running. Appendix a : Console.Readline(); Recommendations I think the ASP.NET team need to implement MicroElves (TM) to run around inside my PC to press the enter key when I do dumb stuff like this. Or I could look more carefully when I pick up 3 week old experimental code and start working on it again :)

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SQLTeam.com RSS Goodness

SQLTeam.com just went public about some new toys we have been playing with over the last few weeks. The first is... The SQLTeam.com Article RSS feed. Get it at http://www.sqlteam.com/rss.asp. The other one is the "Elsewhere Page" (for want of a better name). This is a regularly updated page with links to what is going on around the SQL Server community. Get your SQL Server and Yukon news hot off the press!

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The case for stored procedures in ASP.NET

Rob Howard lays the smack down on anyone not using stored procedures for data access in their ASP.NET applications. Keep this link handy for the next time someone brings up the "but I want to be database independant" argument.

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EQL : Emotional Query Language

Server: Msg 2812123, Level 12, State 123, Line 1 You forgot the magic word 'PLEASE'. Nice.

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TPC Benchmarks

News just in that HP have topped the TPC transaction benchmark with an Oracle database. Anyone have a spare TERRABYTE or RAM they can lend me ?

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Managed code in Yukon

Steve Maine gives us a look at what managed code looks like in Yukon.

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Hi Scoble!

Hey, looks like Robert Scoble just noticed us.

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Clustering on a budget

To help out in this thread I dug out a couple of URLs for good clustering resources on Microsoft's site. Looking though my home Wiki for the links got me thinking about a clustering job I did early this year which was pretty scary job and nerve-wracking. The gig was for a reasonably high traffic web site. They had load balanced web and Java app servers and wanted to give the database some redundancy. The problem was, one of the servers intended for the cluster was the current database server. The meant that instead of building up and testing a cluster...

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Quote of the day

from Eric Sink of SourceGear At this point, Ximian has completed 90% of the work necessary to make the Vault command-line client work on Linux and its ilk. Now we at SourceGear need to do the remaining 90%.

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Weblogs 101

It's great to see a bunch of the SQLTeam regulars signed up for a weblog here. I've noticed a couple of posts from people along the lines of "I have no idea what this weblog thing is all about or what I'm supposed to do." So here are a couple of things you might want to know about. (If you already know about this stuff, feel free to ignore this) What is weblogging all about ? The basic definition is a web based journal. This might give you a little bit of history and perspective. Obviously here the idea is to...

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Scott Watermasysk, who developed this blog software (.Text) just noticed us. Cool. I'd like to very publicly thank Scott for releasing this software to the community. You rock!

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Hello World

Welcome to the blog bandwagon!

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