May 2007 Blog Posts

  • Chess using SQL Server

    I thought I would pimp my latest article... I am hoping to get it completed in 3 articles.  The first article looks at technique, the second on modelling and finally the last article brings it all together... Enjoy!

  • A letter to MS press writers

    Dear Microsoft Press Writers, As a long time user of your database products, I find myself becoming increasingly aggravated by the utter nonsense that your press releases state. Specifically, the utter lack of knowledge of the theory that underpins your enterprise database engine. Considering that you are increasingly trying to compete in the VLDB space against Oracle and DB2, it is imperative that no ignorance is shown when it comes to the relational model. The men and women who manage these VLDB environments will have the “ear” of CTO’s and CIO’s. These people are usually well versed in the relational...