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November 2009 Blog Posts

What can men do?

The PASS Women in Technology luncheon topic of "Energizing the Next Generation" must have resonated with a number of men attending the conference, since more of them came to the luncheon than ever before. Several men spoke during the discussion, and one asked the question "how does a man inspire girls to get interested in technology?" Steve Jones also mentioned this in his blog post on the luncheon. The first thing I think men can do is to be open to the conversation. Obviously by attending the WIT event the men in the room were showing their interest. But they...

18 Percent

18 percent. That's the percentage of undergraduate degrees in Computer Science awarded to women in the U.S. in 2008. Twenty years ago 37% of CS degrees were awarded to women. Why such a precipitous decline? Why aren't more young women interested in pursuing a technical education? What can be done to encourage and support school-age girls who are interested in math, science and technology? This will be the topic on Wednesday Nov. 4 at the PASS Women in Technology Luncheon. Everyone at the PASS Summit is welcome to join us at 11:30 in room 6C to hear an engaging panel of speakers...



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