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18 Percent

18 percent. That's the percentage of undergraduate degrees in Computer Science awarded to women in the U.S. in 2008. Twenty years ago 37% of CS degrees were awarded to women. Why such a precipitous decline? Why aren't more young women interested in pursuing a technical education? What can be done to encourage and support school-age girls who are interested in math, science and technology?

This will be the topic on Wednesday Nov. 4 at the PASS Women in Technology Luncheon. Everyone at the PASS Summit is welcome to join us at 11:30 in room 6C to hear an engaging panel of speakers address these important questions.


# re: 18 Percent

Gravatar I prattled on about this on my blog (which is unfortunately down at the moment) a few months ago, but to summarize: 20 years ago, CS majors were made up about equally from two groups: Tecky geeks (overwhemling male), and people who thought studying computers was a good career move (roughly sexually balanced). These days, the techy geeks are still there, but the rest realize that CS isn't that great a career choice (and a CS degree isn't really necessary)
11/4/2009 7:43 AM | James Curran

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