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July 2012 Blog Posts

PASS Code of Conduct, continued

A few days ago I blogged  about what I've been doing as a PASS Board member, including drafting a Code of Conduct for the PASS Summit. Following that post there was a good discussion on Twitter about some of the details of implementing this type of policy. I wanted to go into a bit more detail here on how implementation can work. There's a tendency to look at this type of document as a set of rules or a clearly defined list of prohibited actions. The problem with that approach is that we can't anticipate every possible behavior that could lead to...

Probation is Over: PASS Board Year 1, Q2

Though it's not always official every job begins with a probation period. You start out with lots of questions and every day you find out how much more you have to learn. Usually after a few months you discover that you can actually answer some questions and have at least an idea of what you are supposed to be doing. Now at the end of my second quarter on the "job" of serving on the PASS Board I have reached that point. My probation period is over. The last three months were busy for the entire Board with the budget process, an...



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