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PASS Board of Directors

Looking Both Ways: PASS Board Year 2, Q4

This marks the end of my two-year term as a PASS Director-at-Large. January 1 I started my term as Vice President of Marketing for PASS. This last three months has been a period of transition, making sure my projects and portfolios are in ready for the next owner and learning my new job. These quarterly blog posts usually just focus on the past three months. Since this month marks the end of one job and the start of another I will use this post to look back at my 2-year term and ahead to the new year. Looking Back Everyone who runs for...

It’s A Team Sport: PASS Board Year 2, Q3

As I type this I’m on an airplane en route to my 12th PASS Summit. It’s been a very busy 3.5 months since my last post on my work as a Board member. Nearing the end of my 2-year term I am struck by how much has happened, and yet how fast the time has gone. But I’ll save the retrospective post for next time and today focus on what happened in Q3. In the last three months we made progress on several fronts, thanks to the contributions of many volunteers and HQ staff members. They deserve our...

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