May 2004 Blog Posts

Yukon...Let the ride begin!!!!

I got to attend the second part of a Yukon review last week that was really informing and interesting.  It covered some of the basics which I had already seen, such as the additions to Transact-SQL (pivot, apply, etc).  The demonstator had a post-beta1, not quite beta2, version of Yukon, so we also got to see several new additions and many things that had been refined. One of the exciting new features I really hope makes it to the final release is the ability to script commands in the Workbench.  Any command you run from the Workbench such as backups, restores,...

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My server drives are playing hide-and-seek!!!!

While installing the EMC SnapView software, we had a problem with our LUNs not “anchoring”.  We clone the drives, then use mountvol to mount them.  We then change the LUNs to the appropriate drives for our SQL Server instances.  The problem was that the drives would move everytime we rebooted the machine, which is not something you really want happening on a SQL Server installation (or any other type of installation I can think of at the moment). After EMC researched the issue for several days and discovered they really had no idea what they were doing, I found out that...

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