May 2005 Blog Posts

Virtual Server 2005 Woes

I’m using Virtual Server 2005 to setup all my labs and training sessions that I’m trying to write for SQL Server 2005.  I ran into a little problem when I tried to install Visual Studio 2005 on the virtual machines though.  Apparently, VS has a 2.2gb limit when you mount .iso files as a CD/DVD that’s not very well documented.  :)  You basically have to find out about it by using Google and reading people’s blogs.   After finding the issue, I started looking for ways around it.  I tried using the Virtual CD application...

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SQL Server SP4 Rollout

As we all know, SQL Server SP4 arrived on the scene late last week.  It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had a major service pack release for SQL Server 2000, so this service pack is very large.  If you look at the release notes, the service pack fix list includes 285 fixes for SQL Server and an additional 90 fixes for analysis services.  You can find the complete fix lists, along with release notes and the service pack downloads here:   Here are some snippets I noticed in the release notes and fixes that...

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Oracle and jhermiz

Oracle and jhermiz This has been a test of absolutely nothing. I do believe this might be the most ridiculously stupid blog post I ever make.  :)

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