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SQL Server Best Practices and Performance Tuning for Oracle Enterprise Applications Workshop

In the last days Frank McBath send me an interesting email regarding a free workshop that will be delivered in Zurich on the 10 and 11 of July.

The workshop is really intersting, as you may see by yourself:

"There are many courses in the market that cover either the application or the database, but very little that focuses on how the two work together. The goal of this workshop is provide insight into that area-- where the database meets the enterprise application. With examples from Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and SAP."

Info and registration here:

Don't miss it if you have that chance to go.

Other schedules and location can be found here:

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DTLoggedExec v Released

After a while I've realeased a new version of DTLoggedExec, the DTExec replacement:

  • Compiled to support 32bit and 64bit platforms (32bit and 64bit executables are available in the zipped file)
  • Updated the ConsoleLogProvider to add a more detailed logging of OnError events. Now all properties, along with related connection properties of the erroneous task are logged. This is IDEAL for post-mortem debugging
  • Corrected a little bug that prevented the abilility to load packages from SQL Server using SQL Authentication
  • Display loaded package version
  • Added Help File
  • Added Samples Packages
  • Added Usage Samples
  • More info and download on CodePlex!


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