Partitioning Automation - Sliding Windows


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Partitioning Automation - Updating existing data

After the introduction given in the article 1, we now have all the information we need in order to import data in a fast and non-locking way into our partitioned table.   The scenario is the same as article 1. We what to re-import all our July orders into our database. The orders are a lot, and while we’re importing data we also want that any query made on our database won’t get locked.   We have partitioned the Orders table on the RequestDate column, creating one partition for every month. Our goal is to create...

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Partitioning Automation - The Basics

Ok, let's start with the basic; again, remember that I assume that you have read the SQL Server 2005 Partitioned Tables and Indexes whitepaper. Another document on partitioning (which explaing more deeply the differences between LEFT and RIGHT partitioning) is also this one. In any scenario where partitioning is used, if we want to use the partition swich trick we have to know in which filegroup the partition resides and the id of that partition. In order to make the partitioning switch work, in fact, we have to create the two support table in the same filegroup where the partition of the main table we...

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