Reporting Services
SQL Pass 2006 Europe

I'm proud to announce that I will participate to the SQL Pass 2006 Europe conference as a speaker! Along with my collegue Alessandro I'll speak about advanced Reporting Services development. Here's the session abstract: "In this session the Reporting Services will be used beyond their visible limits, creating a solution that allows people to execute arbitrary T-SQL code to create their reports. This will be done using external assemblies, leveraging the power of .NET and the flexibility of Reporting Services." You can see all other sessions here: See you there!

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Deprecated Features in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

If you're searching for Office Web Components rendering extension in the 2005 version of Reporting Services you may not find it. This is because is a deprecated feature. If you need to re-enable it and/or you'd like to know what other features are deprecated you can read this document:

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