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November 2007 Blog Posts

SQL 2008 CTP5 First Glance

Microsoft began releasing SQL 2008 CTP5 yesterday through Connect. It should hit MSDN within a few days so everyone can play along. The most obvious change for this release is a much-needed improvement replacement of the installer. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the installer is being totally re-engineered. We still don't have clustering support in this CTP, but the basic installer changes are now included. While there are a few "fit and finish" items that need cleanup, the overall design of the installer is very good. The requirements checker is much...

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Update: SQL 2005 Build 3186 Cluster problem

Microsoft does not have a complete resolution for this problem yet, but they have found some more details.  Evidently the problem with SQL Agent failure only occurs on systems using a domain admin account for the SQL Agent Service account.  Microsoft is not 100% sure yet, so this is just a preliminary finding.  However, it does match my own personal experiences.  Worst Practices always has a cost.  Several DBAs just found that out the hard way.  Just as a reminder, this problem only occurs on x64 clusters using SQL Server 2005 build 3186 and higher.

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Online Reindex = ON

For the past several editions, SQL Books On-Line (BOL) has helpfully included a script to rebuild or defragment (since 2000) an index. Being Microsoft, this script is NOT located under the reindex or defragmentation topic, it is included in the fragmentation analysis section. For SQL 2000, this is DBCC SHOWCONTIG. For SQL 2005, they rewrote it to use the new system views and stashed it under sys.dm_db_physical_stats. It also uses the new ALTER INDEX command rather than the older DBCC DBREINDEX or DBCC INDEXDEFRAG command. However, this script does not allow you to take advantage of online indexing My first...

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