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August 2010 Blog Posts


Last night I had the privilege of sitting at Kevin Kline’s dinner table with some of my fellow community leaders for a serious discussion.  Note that I am not talking about Board members or Nom-Com members (although one of each was there), I mean “in the trenches” local community leaders.  Given the current furor over the PASS Board of Directors nominating process and outcome, you can guess what we were talking about.  Discussion is the operative word here.  We were all professionals who respect each other and acted that way.  We talked and we listened.  We challenged assumptions and defended...

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Why?   No technical content on this one, sorry.   A couple of weeks ago, I signed up as a candidate for the Board of Directors for SQLPASS.  Many of the other candidates have posted on why they chose to run.  I suppose I should do likewise so here I am.   First a little background so you know where I come from and why the SQL community is important to me.   Back in 1992 I was living in Tuscaloosa, AL.  I started my SQL career by implementing a project using SQL 4.2.  (before that it was Dbase and Clipper).  BOL was just Book (singular and...

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