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Tidy sql posted on your blog

As a sql developer, DBA.  we often post sql code on our blog.    Take this sql for example, select pub_name, count(qty) as orders, sum(qty) as total from sales inner join titles on (sales.title_id=titles.title_id) right join publishers on (publishers.pub_id=titles.pub_id) group by pub_name It's really difficult for others to read. and how about this one after beautify previous sql: SELECT   pub_name,          Count(qty) AS orders,          Sum(qty)   AS total FROM     sales          INNER JOIN titles            ON (sales.title_id = titles.title_id)          RIGHT JOIN publishers            ON (publishers.pub_id = titles.pub_id) GROUP BY pub_name Yes, it's really good for your readers. Now, you can do this instantly with the help of a free online sql formatter: 1. Paste original sql code into input sql text box, then select corresponding database type, and...

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