October 2003 Blog Posts

Better Posts Through Reading

Here are some musings about what makes a good blogger, from my experiences reading other blogs.

Weblogs at Harvard Law School

Damian gave a quick overview about weblogs earlier.  For those who want to know even more, Dave Winer has a document posted at Weblogs At Harvard Law entitled What Makes a Weblog a Weblog.  One part of interest is the section comparing weblogs to Vignette and Wikis.

2003 Salary Survey

ComputerWorld's 2003 Salary Survey is now available online. The detailed numbers are available after a free registration, but here are a couple of points of interest for the SQL Server community.

Trying out Newsgator

A few months ago, I was introduced to the concept of RSS feeds by a weekly humor email list that I subscribe to called This Is True.  I read up on the idea and learned about this aggregator software that plugs into Outlook called Newsgator.  Imagine my surprise a couple of months later when the SQLTeam Weblogs were launched, with RSS feed as an option.  I was still unconvinced, but now I had a news service that I was checking on a daily or more frequent basis, so the benefits of this technology started becoming apparent. Then, I made the...

More Musings on Yukon

Reading through the DBA Overview of Yukon whitepaper that Graz mentions in his blog, there were a few items that really jumped out at me.  Here are a few thoughts: Dedicated Administrator Connection:  Sounds like a cool feature, always allowing a sysadmin to connect even to a "hung" server.  But you'd better really lockdown those sysadmin logins tight. Recursive Queries:  May be a blessing for people designing hierarchical systems.  May also be a horrid curse.  I can see this leading to a nasty infinite loop with one little slip.  Looking forward to an article by Rob some day... PIVOT and UNPIVOT:  I'm liking...


If you use Enterprise Manager (EM) to create or edit table structures, data, stored procedures, or much of anything else, you are a rookie. Now, each one of us was a rookie at some point, and you do have to start somewhere, but if you want to be considered a professional, you HAVE TO learn the SQL syntax and get comfortable living in Query Analyzer (QA). Period.

Multi-Values are Evil Incarnate

It has been several years since I escaped AMV Hell. I have been working in SQL Server, and I'm so happy I got out. AMVs were like some sort of addictive drug that seemed really cool at first but then became an obsession that took over my life and warped my sense of judgment for several years. But thanks to a career-intervention by some friends, I've been clean for the last 5 years, and life is good. My name is Mark, and I am a recovered MV guy.

How NOT to Implement Source Control

Damian recently spoke out on versioning code, and it reminded me of a nightmare I'm involved in with versioning documentation.