PASS Summit 2003 - Funniest Moment: Security

During his keynote talk Wednesday morning, Gordon Mangione (VP SQL Server, Microsoft) said to his assistant who was about to demonstrate a new feature in Yukon, “If you login as SA, Blank Password, you're fired.” Everyone laughed and it became the joke of the day. But think about it for a moment...

SQL Server 64-way / 64-bit

To answer Scoble's question, the recent TPC-C benchmarks that MS is proclaiming were run on a 64-way, 64-bit machine with 1/2 TB of RAM.  I'm pretty sure I heard Gordon Magnione say this in his keynote at PASS.  I know for sure that he said one of their next steps is to take it up to a full Terrabyte of RAM.

And then this morning I had breakfast with a guy from HP who, when I asked what he did started to tell me about the HP team at Microsoft performance tuning a 64-way 64-bit machine for the TPC benchmarks.  I double-verified with him that he did indeed use that phrase.  So Scoble, if that guy from Chevron is still reading, tell him that the news looks good.

PASS Summit 2003 - More Reporting Services

Some of the features that really stuck out for me were: variety of data sources, "burst" reports, support for hierarchical data, caching and history options, and multiple output formats. I'll briefly describe each of these...