March 2010 Blog Posts

Too Clever for My Own Good

Yesterday I caught myself being a little too clever for my own good with some ASP.NET code.  It seems that I have forgotten some of my good old classic HTML and JavaScript skills, and become too dependent on the .NET Framework and WebControls to do the work for me.  Here’s the scenario… In order to improve the User Interface and better communicate to the user when something is happening that they need to wait for, we have started to modify some of our larger (slower) pages to display messages like Processing… or Reloading… while they are cycling through a...

Fixed Bid vs. T&M – Take 2

One of my most popular blog entries of all time is my Contracting Tips: Fixed Bid vs. T&M post from January, 2004.  This post consistently shows up in my referrers list, usually coming from a search engine.  Recently, Brent Ozar (@BrentO) wrote a great argument for why he always bills by the hour (a.k.a. Time & Materials or T&M) which itself was a response to Mark Richman’s (@mrichman) post on why he never bills by the hour (fixed bid).  Each article has good arguments, and I encourage you to read them both and choose the best approach for you. ...