August 2011 Blog Posts

Multiple Line Comments in SQL Source Control

Another complaint that I made in Part 2 of my previous series on Red-Gate’s SQL Source Control tool was that the textbox to enter your check-in comments was only a single-line box.  I wished it had a multi-line comment area for check-in because I like to be more explicit and informative than the average bear.  Well, I don’t know when it happened but I just noticed today that it’s in there.  You can drag down the resize bar on the screen to make the comment box larger. Maybe it was in there from the actual PROD release...

SQL Source Control and Custom Change Scripts

In part 2 of my previous series regarding Red-Gate’s tool, SQL Source Control, I warned about an aspect of the tool that could cause you to lose data if you were not careful.  A few days ago I was allowed a sneak peak* at the upcoming fix which Red-Gate has termed SQL Migrations. To recap, because SQL Source Control does a point-in-time comparison of your database with the current version in your source control system, there are some types of changes that you can perform which SQL Source Control will interpret differently and which could result in loss of...