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WCF-SQL Adapter MSDTC / Identity Insert Issue

I was working on a Biztalk integration project that perform a CRUD operation using old SQL adapter (the new one is available via Microsoft Adapter Pack 2.0), everything works fine on the development environment but when we've tried to deploy it to test environment which have the same structure with the production server we stumble again on MSDTC issues. To cut the story short it was too complicated and too many settings (firewall, NETBIOS etc) needs to be change since the database server is located on DMZ. The next day while I'm configuring the mySAP adapter, I found out that license has expired,...

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BizTalk Database Maintenance

Out of the box, BizTalk Server 2006 doesn't provide any tool for auto clearing and cleaning up database used by BizTalk, this cause problems like performance and data storage issues. While browsing BizTalk installation directory (\BizTalk Installation Folder\Schema) I've found out few sql scripts that can used to cleanup the MessageBox  = BizTalkMsgBoxDb and Tracking = BizTalkDTADb database. To clean MessageBox: 1) Stop all BizTalk related services. 2) Open Analyzer and open sql script:  msgbox_cleanup_logic.sql, press F5 (this will create the sp) - be sure to use BizTalkMsgBoxDb. 3) run bts_CleanupMsgbox 4) Start services. For Tracking: 1) Execute dtasp_CleanHMData sp from BizTalkDTADb  There are many sql script located in that Schema...

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BizTalk Server 2006 Prerequisite

Link  can be found below:  

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Microsoft BizTalk 2004 SP2 Installation

I've tried to install the latest Service Pack of BizTalk 2004 and prompts me an installation error. The Patch b3ce917f-b0f4-4b45-8fa7-97e44aec4a0e in the package Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Service Pack - (SP2) cannot be applied. It requires the installed version of Microsoft Enterprise Single Sign-On to be between 3.0.6070.0 and 3.0.7405.0. The installed version on this computer is 3.0.4902.0.   I googled the error and found that solution is quite simple.. install the SP1 prior to the installation of SP2. (Huh!) weird, cause the normal Service packs from Microsoft doesn't require the installing the previous SPs.

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BizTalk Database Customization

One of the problems we face during the development of BizTalk Application is that lack of space in the main drive C:\, Since we do default installation for MSSQL and BizTalk 2004, the Data File and Log Files is of course is installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data. To solve this is we have to move all BizTalk's DB from C:\ to another drive. Another thing is, we also do have the CovastDB which is used in X12 parsing which has to be moved also. Note: Before performing this operation you should first stop the following services: Enterprise Single Sign-On Services BizTalk Service...

posted @ Friday, July 21, 2006 9:28 PM
Processing Excel Documents in Biztalk 2004 (Excel Disassembler)

We all know that excel format is not supported in Biztalk 2004 and in order to process excel you must first buy a third-party excel adapter which I think Itemfield offers and this comes way to expensive since we are going to use it just once. And for this I've develop a solution wherein I can still process excel in Biztalk 2004 without any use of  a third party software. My solution involves creating a customize disassembler pipeline that: 1) converts the stream to excel file using the Binary Writer same as what the File Adapter is using (in this step I also...

posted @ Thursday, February 09, 2006 10:39 AM