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Something that I am dealing with today

Well today has definitely been interesting.  I have been working with a co-worker who is responsible for trouble shooting customer problems.  This specific customer is running our product with MSDE.  We do not have dial-up access to the server, so everything is being done over the phone, plus the customer speaks Spanish, which I do not.  It's hard enough explaining what to type at a cmd window to correct this problem and not knowing what they are typing cuz you can't see the screen.  All that we are trying to do is recreate a user and grant sysadmin rights.  I have been sending the commands to my co-worker through MS messenger who is translating them to the customer over the phone.  But it just isn't working, most likely due to a typo.  He is e-mailing the commands to the customer now.  My poor co-worker has to deal with this kind of stuff everyday; I feel so bad for that team. 

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# re: Something that I am dealing with today

Hi!!! Tara
You seem to be a master with SQL...you r just 2 good....i really want to make my a career in database and want to become an expert like u.I am good at sql but have really lsot touch with T-SQL and am mostly into Database ADministration...that even not much like only backups and stuff..I really wanna be a champ in SQL and especially MS SQL.
Pls guide me.

10/9/2003 5:44 AM | Mohan

# re: Something that I am dealing with today

Definitely not a master. What I would do is start reading the threads at SQLTeam.com. I have learned so much since I started checking them out. Also, pick up some good books and just start playing around with it. Out of all of the members that have over 750 posts, I'm probably the worst at T-SQL. But I am able to answer some of the easier questions. Pay attention to the posts that Jeff, Brett, Rob, Jay, Nigel, and others with a high post count. You will learn a lot of tricks from them.
10/9/2003 9:45 AM | Tara

# re: Something that I am dealing with today

"Out of all of the members that have over 750 posts, I'm probably the worst at T-SQL."

That's a pretty bold statement there. Are you ready to back it up with error filled inneficient code? I won't give up my title easily. :)
10/9/2003 6:20 PM | Justin
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