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Question for bloggers

I would like to make some changes to code that I posted for database maintenance routines.  I'm wondering what your opinion is for modifying the originals or creating new ones. 

I need to change isp_DBCC_INDEXDEFRAG and isp_DBCC_DBREINDEX as the way it is coded now it will only do it for one of the indexes on each table.  I also want to change isp_Backup and isp_Backup_LS based upon people's comments about saving more than 2 days of backups on disk. 

So should I just modify the original blogs or create new ones and reference the old ones?

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# re: Question for bloggers

I would create a new blog entry with the modified code, then edit the original blog with a comment stating that these procedures have been updated.
7/29/2004 12:57 PM | Michael Kizer

# re: Question for bloggers

I would agree with Michael on this one. Are you going to make the retention days dynamic? I kind of like having this table based or able to be altered by changing a parameter on the proc. Just a though. :)
7/29/2004 4:35 PM | Derrick Leggett

# re: Question for bloggers

Yeah, retention days would become dynamic. I'm not sure why I hard coded 2 days in the first place. I had changed it in our production environment after I realized I needed more flexibility, but it was after I had posted the blog.
7/29/2004 4:47 PM | Tara
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