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PASS 2005: My Experience

Wow, what a great experience!

Everyone here has been so friendly.  It was nice to put faces to names even for people I didn't actually meet.  I hope that I can attend another PASS conference some time in the near future and perhaps finally meet up with Nigel Rivett (I never did find him).

The only negative that I have about the conference is that some of the sessions weren't advanced enough even though I attended the ones in the 400 Series.  Overall though, it was truly an amazing event.  I certainly would recommend it to anyone who wants to go to a SQL Server conference. 

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# Tara Duggan - PASS 2005: My Experience

10/1/2005 11:08 AM | Professional Association for SQL

# re: PASS 2005: My Experience

Tara, it was great to finally meet you in person. Funny thing is that I crossed paths with Nigel Friday morning after you and I parted ways after the General Session, but I didn't have your number to reach you.

By the way, the session number series (100, 200, etc.) represents what track (AppDev, BI, Profession Development, etc.) that it falls into, not the experience level. There's a different Level indicator. I'm trying to get this changed through the Program Committee because I think most people view the numbers like in a college course where 400 is more advanced than 200.

But hey, at least we got Graz onto the Board. That's a good start.
10/3/2005 1:36 PM | AjarnMark

# re: PASS 2005: My Experience

I agree there weren't enough advanced sessions. Although I got a great deal out of the conference I probably didn't learn as much new "stuff" that I'd have liked to.

Still had a great time though and the key benefit of the conference is and always will be the networking opportunities.

10/6/2005 4:32 AM | Jamie Thomson
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