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Windows Group Access and SQL Server 2005 Management Studio

Yesterday, a developer sent me an e-mail indicating he was having problems creating a table in SQL Server Management Studio.  He was using the GUI rather than the CREATE TABLE T-SQL statement.  When he tried to save his changes, he encountered the following error:

Property DefaultSchema is not available for Database '[DatabasName]'.  This property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights.  (SQLEditors)

We add developers to the db_owner role in each of the development databases, so I didn't think that permissions was the issue.  I did some googling and found this.

You'll encounter this error when you try to use the GUI to create a table, are not sysadmin, and your access to the SQL Server 2005 database is from a Windows group.  See Raul Garcia's post in the thread for a workaround.

The thread indicates that Microsoft is aware of the problem.

We already have service pack 1 installed, so it must not be included in it.  Hopefully, service pack 2 has the fix for this bug.

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