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Red Gate Software

Last week, I received a new laptop.  For the past few days, I've been installing all of the applications that I need.  Today, I decided to tackle Red Gate's SQL Compare.  On my old laptop, I was running version 3.  I hadn't kept a copy of the installation, so I went to their site to see if I could download it.  I couldn't find version 3, so I decided to download the new version to see if my serial number would work as I wasn't sure if we had renewed our support contract.  My serial number didn't work in version 5.  I e-mailed them to find out if I could get version 3 anywhere.  I had a response within 25 minutes!  They sent me the link to download version 3 on their ftp site. 

I was amazed at how fast they replied to my e-mail and that they helped me out even though we did not have a current support contract.  I have always recommended their products in the past, now I can attest to their excellent customer support.

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# re: Red Gate Software

But they've only got one product to support, SQL Compare. All of their other products are under spec'd and waaaay to simple for the price - I like my apps to but full fat when I pay that much for them.
6/27/2006 2:55 PM | EpsilonCool

# re: Red Gate Software

Pricing seems low to me. Could you provide an example? Is there a competitive product that does the same thing and beats the price? If so, I'd be very interested as we may be purchasing tools down the road.
6/28/2006 4:12 PM | Tara
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