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Management Studio slowness

We've been having performance problems on a new 64-bit SQL Server 2005 cluster in our test environment.  We opened a ticket with Microsoft to assist us with this. 

After modifying several things, the only thing that was slow was Management Studio.  On both nodes of this cluster, it would take about 3-5 minutes to load Management Studio.  The first MS engineer suggested that we add the nosplash switch to the Management Studio shortcut, like this:

This did not increase performance at all on either node.  The second MS engineer suggested that we uncheck two options in Internet Explorer's Advanced Security settings.  The two options are "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" and "Check for server certificate revocation".

After restarting both nodes in the cluster, Management Studio took about 15 seconds to load the first time and 1-2 seconds for each subsequent load!

So if you are experiencing similar Management Studio slowness, I'd suggest trying these out.

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# re: Management Studio slowness

An MS Engineer told you to do that? I would definately advise not to uncheck "Check for publishers certificate revocation" and definately look deeper as to why you are having this issue.

Have you guys checked your actual network connection out to the internet? Enabling it should only take a second or two of an executables lag time, usually this is cached anyhow. Office uses this same technology so when you get that Word or Excel splash screen at the same time its going out and checking if there is a revocation. I cant imagine Management Studio is doing it any differently.

Since an MS engineer told you maybe I'm wrong but I would definately investigate some more.
10/6/2006 1:33 PM | Jon

# re: Management Studio slowness

Yes a MS engineer told me to do that and apparently it's the solution they have offered to other clients.

These two nodes of the cluster are unable to get to the Internet due to the firewall. This is done on purpose for security reasons.

The MS engineer said that Management Studio was timing out trying to get to the Internet and those two options being unchecked stopped it.
10/6/2006 1:35 PM | Tara

# re: Management Studio slowness

10/6/2006 1:44 PM | Jon

# re: Management Studio slowness

Err you mean like this 3 month old post: http://blogs.msdn.com/euanga/archive/2006/07/11/662053.aspx
Next time save yourself the call and google first...
10/6/2006 11:51 PM |

# re: Management Studio slowness


Thank you thank you thank you...

10/10/2006 7:39 AM | Sam

# SQL Management studio slow on 64 bit servers

not anymore : http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/tarad/archive/2006/10/05/13676.aspx
untick two options in internet...
10/22/2006 4:23 PM | Bart Bultinck's Blog
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