Yukon article in SQL Sever Mag

The current issue of SQL Server Magazine has an article on Yukon, which is an interview with Eric Brown, a Product Manager for SQL Server at MS.  It's a really fun read.  Of course, I can't resist mentioning the things that I think are most cool about Yukon:

  • TSQL isn't going away :)  With all the talk about CLR integration, it was nice to see that they aren't trying to move away from real "SQL" code...
  • Separate DATE and DATETIME datatypes.  This alone will be worth the price of the upgrade for me.  I can't tell you how many headaches I've had over mixing the TIME with the DATE in SQL Server.  As I'm sure you know, something like SELECT.... WHERE MyDateField = 'somedate' simply doesn't work if you have times in your data.  Ugh..
  • TRY..CATCH.  Wow :)
  • SQL Workbench.  A better EM/QA tool.  With SourceSafe integration.  Integrated with Whidbey.  Drool.
  • SMO.  Sever Managed Objects.  To replace DMO.  He says you can program against them in the .NET environment.  Does that mean without interop?  That would be very nice indeed.
  • Managed Code in DTS.  He didn't say much about this, but hinted that DTS might have much better .NET integration.
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